Glass Splashbacks and Shower Screens in Melbourne

Glass isn’t just for windows – its qualities of smoothness, ease of cleaning and resistance to water make it perfect for a range of other applications throughout your home. It can also be an appealing and modern feature in its own right.

Glass Splashbacks

Splashbacks made of glass offer a variety of benefits: they’re durable; easy to clean and maintain; and are striking, modern, and sleek. These qualities make them indispensable for any area that attracts mess or moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. Plus, they’re available in a range of colours to suit any interior.

These products are surprisingly versatile and can be used for:

  • Kitchen splashbacks
  • Under bench tops
  • Laundry surfaces
  • Showers
  • Other wet bathroom areas


Our splashbacks are made of high quality toughened glass and are installed by our glaziers to comply with the Australian Standard AS1288 (the standard for glass in buildings), so you know our work will be fully up to code and safe.

Shower Screens

Thanks to its waterproof quality, glass is the king of materials for the wettest room of the house – the bathroom. And shower screens are designed to contain the wettest area of the bathroom, which makes glass the natural choice. Plus, glass is easy to clean and maintain, and gives your bathroom a stylish look.

Glass shower screens can be:

  • Frameless
  • Semi-framed
  • Framed


Frameless screens are the most expensive option, as they must be constructed of the toughest glass. Framed are more economical as they only require laminated glass.

For expert installation of glass splashbacks and shower screens in Melbourne’s Northern and Western suburbs, get in touch with Neighbourhood Glass!